Agave Cocktails

Learn all about agave spirits as we explore everything from how tequila is made to enjoying mezcal. This workshop will focus especially on additive-free tequila and why agave spirits are giving bourbon a run for its money. Along the way, mix up classic cocktail riffs like an Oaxacan Old Fashioned and Caribbean Margarita. Along the…

SUP + Cocktails

Wind down while taking in the sights, sounds and flow of the Finley River during this standup paddleboard session. While on the SUP, you'll be able to admire the river from an entirely new perspective while learning the basics of paddleboarding. After a little over an hour, the group heads to shore for craft cocktails…

Kayak + Cocktails

Soak up the final moments summer while taking in the sights and sounds of nature during an easy float up and back on the Finley River. All gear is provided–all you have to do is show up! After a little over an hour, the group paddles back to shore for craft cocktails and conversation. One…

After Dinner Cocktails

Join us as we delve into the wide world of digestive, amaro, and after-dinner cocktails. As the nights grow longer and colder, a fireside drink is just what you need. We'll cover everything from French pastis and digestifs to Italian amari, providing you with all the knowledge you need to make the most of the…

Christmas Cocktails

The Workshop 840 Finley Farms Ln, Ozark, MO, United States

Whether you're at the office holiday party or enjoying Christmas dinner with family, the choice of drinks takes center stage! Join us for a delightful exploration of both classic and modern beverages, discussing how to seamlessly integrate them into your upcoming gatherings. From welcoming reception cocktails like the Poinsettia to warm fireside sippers like a…

Mocktail Mixology

The Workshop 840 Finley Farms Ln, Ozark, MO, United States

Perfect for Dry January, join our January cocktail class focusing on crafting tasty mocktails. Explore alcohol alternatives, fruit and veggie juices, and unique vinegar infusions. We've even found a delicious non-alcoholic wine! Dive into the world of mocktails with us.

Couples Cocktails

The Workshop 840 Finley Farms Ln, Ozark, MO, United States

Join us at The Workshop for a romantic Valentine's Day cocktail class. Learn mixology basics with instructor Aaron Rozeboom, crafting three delightful drinks. Enjoy your creations alongside a tempting grazing platter featuring a charcuterie board with veggies, cheeses, crackers, crostinis, and sweet mini cups of chocolate mousse with toasted meringue and mocha streusel.